General Overview

“The New Manway” Product Demonstration

An animated demonstration video showing the Manway operation and how the patented O-ring seal works to the advantage of holding reliabel seal under pressure.

The NEW BTSB Tankcar Manway – Open/Close Operation with Cordless Impact Drill.

An operator was able to safely loosen, burp and open the NEW BTSB Tankcar Manway in under one minute.

Technical Demonstration

Manway Cover Installation Overview

A video guided to installing the cover to an already installed Baier Manway Nozzle.  How to check for fit and function to ensure a reliable seal.

Baier Manway Cover Assembly and Disassembly Procedure

How to separate the cover from the Strongback on a Baier Manway Cover assembly. This process is required for replacing damaged covers or for painting or coating your Manway cover to meet commodity requirements of the tank car.

This multipart video includes the the following sub-parts available . Use these chapter links below to advance.

Baier Manway - How a Single Bolt can work with Less Torque

Understand how the patented o-ring seal design of the Baier Single Bolt Manway is different and how it achieves its sealing effectiveness with just one bolt and minimal torque.  Also, how we have eliminated the need to measure the torque applied to the single bolt for closure and how over-torqueing the single bolt ram on closure can cause problems in the process to open the hatch.

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