Benefits of The New Manway

Baier® Rail designed the Single-Bolt Manway from the ground up to meet specific Tank Car industry criteria and, most importantly, criteria which our customers told us was most important to them: superior sealing, ease of use, safety and cost savings on gaskets. We spent more than  two years designing, testing and perfecting a purpose-built manway cover assembly that is nothing short of game-changing – a design so revolutionary we patented its unique features!

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    Safety – The New Manway

    The Baier® Single-Bolt Manway was designed with safety being a high priority.  Traditional eye-bolt designs can have serious shortcomings which may represent operational hazards. Other competitive designs present trip-hazards and other dangers. The New Manway is a much safer design.

    A review of the Baier® Single-Bolt Manway safety features:

    • Easy to See Positive Close Indicator.  On the traditional eye-bolt model, it is easy to mistakenly leave the eye-bolts untightened without noticing. With the Baier® Single-Bolt Manway, it is obvious when the unit is not fully tightened down.  Our manway unit has a top cap cover that is very easy to see when it is left open.  In order for the top cap cover to be closed and cinched with the locking pin, the main cover MUST be fully tightened, otherwise the cap will not close, and the operator cannot insert the tamper tag. This “not-locked status” is obvious to the loader, and can be seen from a distance. Cap down = locked!
    • Vibration Won’t Loosen the Cover.  Eye-bolts on traditional style manway covers can loosen over time through vibration. This is not possible with the Baier® Single-Bolt Manway. This result is achieved through two features.  First, The New Manway uses a single, powerful 3-inch ram bolt (instead of multiple eye-bolts) whose thread geometry makes the unit inherently resistant to back-driving and loosening.  Second, the ram bolt lock in the center of the top cap provides a positive lock. Once the cap is down and locked, the ram bolt cannot turn and thus cannot loosen.
    • Operators Will Spend Less Time Exposed On Top of the Tank Car.   While using the traditional style manway covers, operators spend time bent over, torqueing and re-torqueing cover bolts, dealing with frozen bolts and prying loose covers. The Baier® Single-Bolt Manway design uses a single ram that tightens and opens in a simple, straightforward manner with 5 ½ turns, significantly reducing the time and number of steps required to operate the unit, such that it only takes a minute or so to open or close.
    • O-Ring Design Minimizes or Eliminates Cargo Leakage and Non-Accidental Releases (NARs). The Baier® Single-Bolt Manway system is designed with an O-ring, instead of a flat gasket, to minimize or eliminate cargo leaks and NARs.
    • 2-Stage Venting Process Directs Venting Towards the Back of the Unit, Away from The Operator.  When the cover of the Baier® Single-Bolt Manway is first opened, it is “jacked” vertically, but it is prevented from fully opening by the three arms of the strongback, which allows for venting. In this stage, any internal pressure is directed toward the springs at the back of the unit, and thus vents away from the operator.
    • Safety Latch Provides for A Safer, More Controlled Opening Process.  Once the positioning pin of the Baier® Single-Bolt Manway is pulled up and the strongback is swung into the OPEN position, the cover can be lifted, but only for a few inches. At that point, a gravity-controlled safety latch holds the cover and must be disengaged for the cover to swing open any farther.
    • Spring Assisted Cover Makes It Safer and Easier to Control Opening the Unit.  Only 30 pounds of lifting force is needed to lift the cover of the Baier® Single-Bolt Manway into a fully opened position.  Once open, the cover stays open using its over-center action.
    • Less Need for Pry-Bar to Open Stuck Covers. In this first stage of opening, the jacking of the cover should, in most cases, break the cover loose from any sticky or hardened cargo and release any residual pressure. As a result, the operator need not use pry-bar in most circumstances.
    • O-Rings Designed Not to Fall into The Tank.  Unlike traditional manway designs, the O-ring is larger than the nozzle opening in the Baier® Single-Bolt Manway, which makes it unlikely the O-Ring will inadvertently fall into tank where it would need to be fished out.

    Non-Accidental Releases – The New Manway

    Our research of existing designs revealed the fundamental design shortcomings in traditional eye-bolt manways, including: permanent deformation of sealing gaskets; stretched eye-bolts due to over-torqueing and metal fatigue; “scalloped” stress of the cover resulting in unequal sealing, and broken “ears” on the cover, to name a few. These earlier designs were not meant to handle the demands of today’s high internal pressures or the excessive torque capacity of modern pneumatic tools, and decades of experience in their use and misuse have helped to inform Baier’s improved design.  In our research, we also found that, at a certain pressure, covers based on earlier designs tend to lift.

    To address these issues, we started with a “blank sheet of paper.”  The result is that the Baier® Single-Bolt Manway has been designed to drastically reduce the likelihood of expensive and dangerous NARs, while at the same time providing for additional efficiencies.

    • Our Patented Radial O-Ring Sealing System Places Minimal Wear and Tear On the Sealing O-Ring Gasket Compared to The Traditional Flat Gasket Design.  Because our O-ring gaskets are not squeezed like manways using flat gaskets, they incur only minimal wear from cycling through the operational cycle of opening / closing / applying pressure / and opening again. The improvement in reducing the number of gaskets needed during operation is significant while at the same time reducing leakages compared to units using a flat gasket.
    • Increased Internal Pressure Actually Works to INCREASE Sealing Pressure of the O-Ring in The New Manway. No other competing design accomplishes this feat. In other designs that rely on squeezing a flat gasket, any increased internal pressure will result in decreased sealing pressure.
    • Stripped, Deformed and Elongated Eye-Bolts Are a Thing of the Past. The New Manway’s massive 3 inch, single ram bolt is highly resistant to stripping, deformation or binding. The sealing force of the cover is designed to remain uniform.

    Operation & Maintenance – The New Manway

    The Baier® Single-Bolt Manway is designed for easier operation and lower maintenance as compared to earlier designs:

    • Saves Open/Close Time
      • About one minute to open or close
      • Operates using one central ram bolt instead of 6 or 8 individual eyebolts
      • No re-torqueing required
      • Stuck cover will be jacked open automatically by mechanism in most cases
      • Venting is automatic to the operation (see Safety)
      • Positive lock-down indicator built into cap design / tamper tag pin so time spent re-checking is minimized

     O-Ring Saves Time and Money vs. Flat Gaskets

      • One standard Teflon-encapsulated O-ring works for almost all commodities
      • O-ring lasts for many more cycles without replacement than flat gaskets
      • Moderate cost per O-ring
      • Simple hand replacement of O-ring when needed
      • O-ring is larger than the Baier™ Single-Bolt Manway opening, so it is unlikely to inadvertently fall into the tank

     Reduction or Elimination of NARs

      • Avoid fines and charges
      • Reduce costs of logistical interruptions

     Other Operational Benefits:

      • Eliminates need to check and replace stretched or broken bolts
      • Sealed ram bolt has an extended lubrication interval
      • Other required regular maintenance is limited

    Testing – The New Manway

    The Baier® Single-Bolt Manway has undergone rigorous testing to ensure it performs well in extreme conditions. The system meets or exceeds all AAR performance criteria for manways.  We’re confident you’ll be impressed by the robustness of this system!

    • Pressure
      • We’ve pressurized the Baier® Single-Bolt Manway hundreds of times well beyond the required 210 psi for over 10 minutes, with no leaks. O-rings have been cycled dozens of times through the opening/closing operation in this same test with no decrease in performance!
    • Shock and Vibration
      • We’ve subjected the Baier® Single-Bolt Manway to shock and vibration testing per IEC 61373:1999 for rolling stock railway applications and it easily passed the tests.
    • Thermal Cycling
      • We’ve intentionally pressurized the Baier® Single-Bolt Manway to transport loads and thermal cycled it to simulate the hottest and coldest of days. We ran it for weeks. Result: no leaks.
    • Abuse
      • We’ve done drop tests. No leaks. We’ve hammered on it and welded on the sealing surfaces. In every instance, the Baier® Single-Bolt Manway stood up to the test with no material degradation in performance noted.

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