Manway Models
The Baier™ Single-Bolt Manway Cover Assembly has been designed to eliminate common tankcar manway problems. It is quick, durable, strong and cost-effective.
The patented Baier™ system is fundamentally different from other designs. Once the cover is lowered onto the nozzle, an integrated 3-arm strongback grips a flange on the nozzle. Baier’s single ram-bolt design applies force centrally which then distributes equally around the periphery of the cover. There are no troublesome eye-bolts, no unequal loading.
  • AAR Approved design – installation and retrofit on low-pressure railway tankcars. Single Bolt engagement – quick and easy to engage and disengage with a hand wrench.
  • Patented Radial O-Ring Sealing System – Provides superior sealing, yet preserves gasket integrity for long life of the gasket.
  • O-Rings – Baier™ specifies our Teflon-encapsulated O-rings.
  • Stuck-cover jacking – designed to “jack” the cover away from the nozzle.
  • Safe 2-stage Venting – Venting is provided as ram is loosened, gravity-held safety latch provides secondary fly-open protection.
  • Single-Bolt Cover Cap – cover must be engaged for Cover Cap to close and be secured.
Baier™ specifies our Teflon-encapsulated O-ring which, because it is not being squished, pinched, or otherwise degraded can last through an increased number of operational cycles, saving replacement and stocking costs. The gasket material itself is highly resistant to the broadest range of chemicals, so in most cases, only one model will be required.

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