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Frequently Asked Questions

What tools are necessary to open and close the Baier® Manway?

A 3/4 inch square male hand-drive socket or impact wrench, applying approximately 200 ft. Lbs. of torque.

How long does it take to open and close the Baier® Manway?

To close:  Approximately 1 minute with hand tools, 45 Second with an impact wrench.

To open:  Approximately 50 Seconds with hand tools, 30 with impact wrench.

Has the Baier® Manway been approved by AAR?

Yes.  The Baier<sup>®</sup> Manway and its manufacturing facilities has been approved by AAR for an unlimited service trials, meeting the Quality Assurance program specified AAR’s requirements of M-1003.

What kind of testing has the Baier® Manway been subjected to?

The Baier® Manway has been tested to meet International transportation spec 61373:1999, combined with thermal cycling and pressures consistent with operational transit conditions, as well as hundreds of leak tests in excess of 206 psi; all without leaks!

For more details on testing, Visit out Testing Page under Benefits Section

What is the material of the Baier® Manway?

The Baier® Manway is available in carbon steel A537, TC-128, and stainless steel.

What kind of gaskets work with the Baier® Manway?

The Baier® Manway doesn’t use gaskets.  It accomplishes seal by using an encapsulated o-ring.  Check out the video for details.

How many o-ring material types are there?

Just one. Our o-rings have an elastomer core and are made with a Teflon® polytetrafluoroethylene jacket. It works time and time again, and resists a huge list of chemicals.

Teflon® is a registered trademark of THE CHEMOURS COMPANY FC.

How do I buy a Baier® Manway?

You can purchase a Baier® Manway from our Baier Rail directly

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