October 14, 2020

Salco Products Begins Exclusive Distribution Agreement for Baier® Rail’s Single-Bolt Manway Rail Tank Car System


Salco Products and Baier Rail are pleased to announce the start of an exclusive distribution
agreement for Baier’s Single-Bolt Manway rail tank car system. The agreement brings
together the outstanding market reach and customer service capabilities of Salco with the
innovation of Baier Rail’s manway system.

Salco, a veteran company with 37 years of experience in the rail market, brings a track
record of providing superior quality products and on-time delivery to the industry. Salco is
one of the largest and most trusted companies in the business today.

Baier Rail, the inventor of the innovative Single-Bolt Manway system for tank cars, has already
demonstrated that it can meet the requirements of the modern rail tank car market. The
Single-Bolt Manway’s design carries performance far superior to traditional manway
products, which have a drop-bolt design and are leak-prone and labor-intensive. The single-
bolt design is a modern solution that increases efficiency and decreases overall costs while
maintaining the high regulatory standards of the AAR. The Single-Bolt manway is AAR
approved with over 500 covers installed.

Dave Oestermeyer, Salco’s president, commented: “We are very excited to add Baier’s
Single Bolt Manway system to our already extensive product line serving the rail tank car
industry. We’re very much looking forward to working with Baier to usher in this new
technology which brings with it a new level of efficiency and cost savings for our customers.”

Salco Products, founded in 1983, designs, manufactures, assembles, and distributes a variety
of plastic and metal products used in tank cars, hopper cars, and plant process equipment.
The global industries they serve include railroad, trucking, chemical manufacturing and
distribution, agriculture, food, plastics and minerals. Their commitment to prompt response in
sourcing, quoting and delivery remains their number one priority. Salco’s corporate
headquarters is located in Lemont, IL; and its Sales and Distribution facility is maintained in
Houston, TX.

Baier Rail is a division of Baier Marine Company, Inc. Together, they manufacture rail and
marine products. Since 1947, they have been providing closure systems for many unique
applications, including rail cars and marine vessels where strength, quality, and value are
required. Baier is headquartered in Costa Mesa, CA

For more information, please contact your Salco representative or Salco Customer Support
department at 630-685-4661.  https://www.salcoproducts.com/

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November 10, 2017

The NEW BTSB Tankcar Manway – Open/Close Operation with Cordless Impact Drill.

This video was provided to us courtesy of Midwest Rail Repair.

An operator was able to safely loosen, burp and open the NEW BTSB Tankcar manway in under one minute. She was able to securely close the hatch in under 30 seconds. She uses a standard Cordless impact drill.

This is a real timesaver in the field and shows safe and simple operations.

Manway Operation Video MWR 6 22 17 Original

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April 20, 2016

The New Manway

We are excited to announce that “The New Manway” from Baier Rail and its manufacturing facility has received AAR approval. A quality system Audit was completed at our manufacturing facility and was in compliance with AAR’s Specification for Quality Assurance.
This approval clears the way for us to bring new and exciting rail products to the North American market including the “The New Manway” for rail DOT-111 type Tank cars. This new product features many new advancement to save time, improve safety, and reduce NAR’s (Non-Accidental Releases).
Baier Rail will be working with Transquip USA acting as exclusive North American distributor for this exciting new product. Please contact Tansquip USA at 1-844-363-7969 or [email protected]
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